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“We believe that human capital drives business success and that people have become the key competitive differentiator in today’s knowledge and skill based economies“


Organisations aim to maximise their human capital investments and require experts, such as People Solutions, to achieve this critical business goal. We offer various corporate training solutions across multiple industry sectors and job functions. We design our corporate learning programmes to be interactive, engaging learners to participate actively and use interactive methods such as role-plays, games, and collaborative activities and our goal are always to create a dynamic and exciting learning environment. For example, experiential learning (learning by doing) engages our learners in hands-on learning experiences, reflection activities, and compelling learners’ action changes that increase the speed of learning and development. We update our learning content regularly, and with our credit-bearing content, we align learning to unit standards relevant to the qualifications or skills programmes we deliver. As a result, content is kept fresh, updated, and aligned with best practices. With our credit-bearing and accredited skills programmes, we assess the learners and award them a certificate of competence and the applicable credits for the programmes. By gathering company-specific, role-specific, and expected outcome-specific information during the consultation phase, our facilitators and assessor can ensure exceptional contextualisation of training.

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Contextualisation of learning content, workshops and programmes make learning and development meaningful and relevant to the learner. We approach contextualisation from various vital perspectives:
-to suit our clients’ needs and to fill any gaps in skills and knowledge identified during a consultation and needs analysis with a client
-to suit our learners so that their skills and knowledge development increase their ability to adapt, change and learn relevant skills to improve performance and service excellence and to provide learning that is relevant to their job function and their workplace
-to maintain up-to-date learning materials that explore and support current trends in the industry or field of learning
-to empower learners with what they need to thrive in the evolving workplace environment.

We additionally integrate contextualisation efforts into the delivery of learning programmes. This method ensures that facilitators, coaches, mentors and assessors use information gathered during a needs analysis to determine and strategise how we implement learning for the target audience.

The value of contextualising learning programmes and their delivery is to ensure that training is always on track, suitable, relevant and achieves the goal of elevating learners to become high performers for a business.

The key to success is relevance


We embed concepts in meaningful activities that make sense to the learners and, therefore, enhance their understanding, making concepts relatable.

MOtivating Learners

Contextualised learning motivates learners to reflect, be introspective and explore their abilities and talents.

improves self-expression

This type of learning enhances learners' ability to express themselves with confidence and accuracy because education is relevant.

acquiring new skills

It helps learners acquire new skills and knowledge and develops their skills, attitudes and values to align with organisational needs.

increases engagement

It improves the learners' ability to engage in the learning process actively.

uses prior learning

Contextualisation allows for the application of prior learning and the integration of knowledge with new lessons.

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