“We believe that human capital drives business success and that people have become the key competitive differentiator in today’s knowledge and skill based economies“


Today’s organisations want to maximise investment in human capital and look to the experts, such as us, to assist in achieving this. People Solutions offer a wide range of corporate learning solutions across various industry sectors and job functions.

Our corporate learning programmes are interactive and enable learners to take part in the learning experience. Role playing, activities, games and group activities are utilised to create this environment. People Solutions training methodology is based on experiential learning and compels the learners to make changes that enable them to develop and grow faster.

Our content is updated regularly and aligned to unit standards relevant to generic qualifications. Our aim is to keep the content, fresh, and up to date and aligned to best practice.

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By offering customized, world class training and development through innovative training interventions, which are both relevant and meaningful, People Solutions can open opportunities to exciting new experiences in human capacity and skill development. Ultimately, enabling and empowering employees to become a competitive differentiator for their company.

Consultation to Establish Training Needs

Our consultative role as a training provider is to help clients implement their business strategy through learning and development interventions to training, reskill, upskill and cross-skill their employees.


Coaching and Mentoring

Our facilitators are vital to our coaching and mentoring activities and assist learners while they navigate the learning process and develop new knowledge and skills.

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Customised Training Solutions

Organisations aim to maximise their human capital investments and require experts, such as People Solutions, to achieve this critical business goal.

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Instructor Led Training (Face to Face)

Our standard delivery is still Instructor-Led Training designed to suit the needs of an organisation. We host in-person or face-to-face training in a selected venue or at the client’s premises.

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Virtual Instructor Led Training

We deliver  Virtual Facilitator-Led Training using our expert facilitators, and engagement with learners uses enabling communication technology software such as MS Teams, Zoom, and Google Meets, depending on suitability.

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Hybrid Training Solutions

Our hybrid training model includes facilitator-led training using in-person delivery and virtual facilitator-led training using enabling technologies and may consist of eLearning courses, simulations and other innovative solutions that provide dynamic training for candidates.

Assessment and moderation

Assessments and Moderation

We use skilled, accredited assessors who go on-site and conduct assessments and observations of learners to evaluate their competence against unit standard outcomes.

Turnkey or Hosted solution

Turnkey or Hosted Solutions

With our Turnkey or Hosted solutions, our process involved understand client needs, identifying potential suppliers, develop a strategy to meet expectations. Ask our Sales Team about a Turnkey/Hosted solution that might suit your business.

From The Ground Up

People Solutions offers diverse learning solutions that optimise business performance by creating bespoke products to develop and empower learners and the organisations they serve. We conduct a complete needs analysis to understand the needs, pain points and expectations of a business. Following our training needs investigation, we develop a customised delivery solution to suit clients and address vital needs and expectations using our learning content skilled teams to deliver exciting and innovative learning.

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