Learning Programmes

Empowerment Through Development

Customised Learning Solutions

Our customised training programmes include:

Work Readiness Programmes:


Life Skills Development Training

Business Etiquette

Time Management

Reception and Front Line Skills

Short Skills Training Programmes

For skills development training, these short courses can be Unit Standard aligned and also credit bearing and ultimately lead to a full Qualification –  if required.


The short courses can be reflected on the WSP and claimed against the Mandatory Grant 40% rebate from SARS

Business & Report Writing

Business Etiquette

Compliance for FAIS and FICA Legislation

Conflict Management

Customer Care

Debt Collection

Effective Negotiation Strategies

Emergency Services for Contact Centres

Emotional Intelligence

Everyday Financial Management

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Front Office & Reception Skills

Insurance and Risk

Leadership and Management

Managing Stress and Time

Life Skills Development

Media and Short Term Insurance

Practical Assertive Interaction

Practical Interpersonal Skills Development

Workplace Diversity Tools

The Professional PA

Retaining Customers in a Sales Environment

Management & Training Workshops

Training and Development Workshops for ALL levels

As an ACCREDITED TRAINING PROVIDER, People Solutions offers training workshops from Team Leadership, to Stress Management and Workplace Life Skills.

FACT: High Performance teams are built by laying strong foundations

People Solutions has a highly skilled team dedicated to the training and development of people in the workplace. Our training solutions are currentapplicable and exciting.


Training is a vital function in today’s workplace and our solutions offer real life application and enhance the knowledge, skills and behaviours of our delegates. Our passion for knowledge and skills development is evident in our material, our staff and the way in which we interact with our customers. We offer excellent customer service & customer care and believe in developing long lasting relationships with all our customers.


If you are looking for results driven, relevant, passion-driven training – we should be your preferred training provider. Contact us to begin your journey of effective training and development.

Workshops Offered:

Team Leadership

Business Writing Skills

Frontline Reception Skills

Conflict Management

Effective Negotiation Strategies

Emotional Intelligence

Workplace Diversity Tools

Practical Interpersonal Skills Development

Business Values, Ethics and Etiquette

Practical Assertive Interaction

Stress Management

Workplace Efficiency (Time Management)

Workplace Life Skills


Effective training that focuses on the needs of your organisation

Customised training focused on developing your full potential

Holistic training that fills gaps in skills, knowledge and behaviour

Practical training with real life application value

Training that adds value and improves motivation

Contact Centre (Call Centre) Team Leadership Workshops

FACT: There is a substantial shortage of skilled team leaders in South Africa

An effective Team Leader has immediate and positive impact on the team, achieving improved results, greater Agent retention and productivity. Explore the vital concepts of Team Leadership to ensure that you and your team meet and exceed the expectations of the business..

Training for Team Leaders – Features:

Requirements of effective teams

Building a successful team

Unlocking your leadership skills

Effective decision-making

Successful delegation

Motivating your team to greatness

Effective stress management tools


Develop a high performance team

Achieve results consistent with goals and expectations of the company

Develop your leadership and management abilities as a Contact Centre Team leader

Fine tune results through effective delegation, conflict management & stress management

Improve ability to motivate, delegate and create a productive and focused team

Enroll for one of our Team Leadership workshops. Register your interest now, using the form here.

Management Training Programmes

National Certificate: Management NQF 3
(QUAL I.D: 23654)

This qualification is intended to equip junior managers with the management training, knowledge, skill development, attitudes and values required for them to operate confidently as junior managers.This qualification is intended for currently employed and other learners who intend to follow a career in management.

On achieving this qualification, the learner will be able to: 

Carry out simple research tasks

Interpret current affairs related to a specific business sector

Recognise the effect of HIV/AIDS on the specific workplace, business sub-sector and own organisation

Apply knowledge of self and team to enhance team performance

Maintain records

Manage time and the work process

Understand organisational structures

Conduct formal meetings

Induct a new member of a team

Motivate their team

Describe the management function of an organisation

This qualification is intended for currently employed and other learners who intend to follow a career in management.

FETC: Project Management NQF 4
(QUAL I.D: 50080)

This qualification is directed at learners who are junior project managers and have previous work experience in project management or business administration. The learners obtaining this qualification will be capable of working in or with project management teams and/or using a project approach in their functional role.

They will be currently working as:

Contributing team members on a moderately complex to complex project when not a leader or;

A leader in the context of a simple project or sub-project.

On achieving this qualification the learner will be able to:

Work with others to undertake or support the project management activities

Assist the project manager and/or project team by contributing and participating in planning, execution and control activities

Provide support to the administration of a project

Supervise a project team of a small project to deliver project objectives

Support the project environment and management activities to deliver project objectives

FETC: Generic Management NQF 4
(QUAL I.D: 57712)

This qualification is intended for junior managers of small organisations, junior managers of business units in medium and large organisations, or those aspiring to these positions.

The focus of this qualification has been designed to enable learners to be competent in a range of knowledge, skill development, attitudes and values including:

Gathering and analysing information and negotiating in a work situation

Analysing events that impact on a business and its competitive environment

Complying with organisational standards

Motivating an individual or team

Negotiating in a work situation

Understanding the role of business strategy as it applies to junior management

Managing the budget within a specific area of responsibility

Applying management principles and practices within a specific area of responsibility

Managing work unit performance to achieve goals

Behaving ethically and promoting ethical behaviour in a work situation

Demonstrating understanding of the consequences in a work unit of HIV/AIDS

The learners who achieve this qualification will be able to demonstrate competencies in management relating to planning, organising, leading, controlling and ethics. Overall, this qualification will ensure that learners are capable of:

Developing plans to achieve defined objectives

Organising resources in accordance with a developed plan

Leading a team to work co-operatively to achieve objectives

Monitoring performance to ensure compliance to a plan

Making decisions based on a code of ethics

FETC: Business Administration Services NQF 4
(QUAL I.D: 61595)

This Qualification is for any individual who is or wishes to be involved in the Administration function within any industry, or non-commercial venture/organization. It is also the building block to advance the learner into the National Certificate in Business Administration Services: NQF Level 5

Learning programmes for this qualification:

Business Administration related

On achieving this qualification, the learner will be able to:

It will provide the broad knowledge, skills and values needed in the Administration field for all business and non-commercial sectors and will facilitate access to, and mobility and progression within, education and training.

Qualifying learners could follow a career in:

Secretarial Services

Reception Services

Switchboard Operations

Financial Administration

Banking Administration

Personal/Executive Assistant Services

Technical Assistance


Data Capturing

Systems Administration

Human Resources Administration

Basic Contracts Administration

Legal Secretarial Services

Reception Supervision

Change Administration and Management

Relationship Management

Project Coordination

Business Programmes

GETC: Business Practice Level 1 (QUAL I.D: 61755)

This qualification will be relevant to anyone preparing to become employed, self-employed or for newly appointed personnel in any type of business.


Competent learners will be able to enter the work place in most sectors and be able to do the entry-level work required of them. Learners would have developed initiative, business skills and entrepreneurial skills, which they can apply in a company or in establishing their own small businesses.


Turning ‘Theory’ into ‘Practice’?


Fundamental Component: Enables learners to communicate and work with figures in a business environment.


Core components: Offers empowerment in the areas of technology, life orientation, human and social sciences (customer service), economics and management (entrepreneurship), as well as cognition theory and practice.

On achieving this qualification, the learner will be able to:

Have fundamental skill development for usage in a business environment

Make appropriate use of Information and Communications Technology in an office setting

Incorporate a range of life skills in an employment or self-employment situation

The learner will also develop some entrepreneurial and business knowledge coupled with correct business attitudes

Contact Centre (Call Centre Training)

National Certificate: Contact Centre Support NQF 2
(QUAL I.D: 71490)

This qualification (after adequate call centre training) serves as the entry qualification into Contact Centre operations and is designed to enable learners to work as Contact Centre Agents.

Learning programmes for this qualification:

Orientation into Contact Centres

Call Centre Training

Problem Solving


Interpersonal Skills


Customer Service

Business Communication for Contact Centre Agents


On achieving this qualification, the learner will be able to:

Gather and process data specifically related to Contact Centres

Respond to customers with factual and accurate information

Identify Contact Centre customers and their needs

Operate as a team member in a diverse working environment

Perform to the required standards and requirements

Implement and articulate operational activities in a Contact Centre

National Certificate: Contact Centre & Business Process Outsourcing  NQF 3
(QUAL I.D: 80566)

Learners will be provided with competencies to handle both inbound and outbound interactions/traffic, within different types of operations of contact centre and/or Business Process Outsourcing. The qualification develops skills in the use of various communication channels e.g. telephone, fax, email, internet, intranet, multifunction devices, webchat, SMS and letters. The qualification also increase skills development in dealing with walk-in clients. The qualification will also provide learning opportunities in the knowledge and skills required to perform back office processes and tasks. Learners will have the opportunity to learn, develop and practice the skills required to make an effective contribution in a general contact centre and/or Business Process Outsourcing environment.

Learning programmes for this qualification:

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Effective Management in the BPO Industry


Numeracy in the BPO Industry

Basic Finance, Debt Collection



Negotiation Skills

On achieving this qualification, the learner will be able to:

Providing effective customer service in a contact centre/call centre and/or Business Process Outsourcing industry.

Using communication technology in a contact centre.

Capturing data to track interactions.

Working effectively as a team member in a group.

National Certificate: Contact Centre Operations NQF 4
(QUAL I.D: 71489)

Management is a critical skill in the workplace – good leaders result in high performing teams and high performing teams achieve great success. This qualification will equip a new or existing contact centre leader to work more efficiently as a Contact Centre Team leader/Supervisor.

Learning programmes for this qualification:

Team Leadership

Service excellence


On achieving this qualification, the learner will be able to:

Understand and implement service levels and their monitoring in Contact Centres

Monitor and control Contact Centre/Call Centre support staff and their meeting of targets and standards

Apply specific Contact Centre/Call Centre sales knowledge and skills in creating and meeting sales targets and requirements

Identify specific Contact Centre/Call Centre customers

Coach others in Contact Centres/Call Centres

Work with Contact Centre/Call Centre statistical data


People Solutions has a highly skilled team dedicated to the training and development of people in the workplace.  Our training solutions are current, applicable and exciting.

Training is a vital function in today’s workplace and our solutions offer real-life application and enhance the knowledge, skills and behaviors of our delegates.

We offer excellent customer service and believe in developing long lasting relationships with all our customers.

Enrol for one of our workshops today!

Team Leadership

Business Writing Skills

Frontline Reception Skills

Conflict Management

Effective Negotiation Strategies

Emotional Intelligence

Workplace Diversity Tools

Practical Interpersonal Skills Development

Business Values, Ethics and Etiquette

Practical Assertive Interaction

Stress Management

Workplace Efficiency (Time Management)

Workplace Life Skills

Digital Academy – Accelerated Microlearning and Impact Training

Phase 1

Preparing for the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is a crucial obligation for any business. This preparation requires elasticity—meaning that we all need to be flexible and adaptable. Change is a challenge for all human beings, and acceptance of the imminent change in the way we work must be accomplished in an operative, competent and creative way. This will guarantee continuous integration of human skills with high-tech strategies. People Solutions has answered the looming change by conceiving learning paths, training and programmes that speak to the advancing needs of the workplace environment. Our offerings are designed to empower the human being to function effectively in the new World of Work.

Work Readiness Skills

Future Skills

BPO Functional Skills

BPO Specialist Skills

Prior to embarking on any development towards future skills, it is advisable that candidates are introduced to concepts to Lifelong Learning and Change Management.

Delivery Methods:

People Solutions can deliver learning paths and bespoke content using the following options:

Full instructor led training using a face-to-face delivery

Blended Solution using a face-to-face and partly digital delivery, which may include EdTech

Full digital solution using E-Learning (launching soon)

Microlearning (FutureSkills.Africa)

Gamification, Gaming, Apps, AR and VR Integration (through our partnerships with start-ups and leading tech companies)

Visit FutureSkills.Africa for more information

FutureSkills Logo

Coding Camps:

To adequately prepare for a future world where coding will be linked to most functions in our personal and professional lives, humans are encouraged to embrace an understanding of the universal digital languages of the future. We have developed introductory programs which can provide a fundamental set of skills such as an understanding of computational thought, problem solving, critical thinking and other future skills through a bespoke methodology that allows a learner to grasp basic coding language skills, build and operate a robotic device, or fly a recreational drone by applying the coding principles. A practical, interactive camp that can achieve a rapid result and is accessible to anyone from age 8 to 80.

The introductory program will provide a strong sense of where a participants aptitude lies and provide possible career and learning path direction into a long-term coding pathway in the following areas:

Coding Pathways: Coding 101, 201 and 301

Cloud Computing

Data Science and Analytics

Cyber Risk and Security

Software, Web and Application Development

To be ‘Future Fit’ and relevant in the 4th Industrial Revolution, the coding camps link to the following Future Skills:

RoboCamp: The EV3 Core Set is a hands-on, cross-curricular STEM solution that engages students by providing the resources to design, build and program their creations while helping them develop essential skills such as Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Communication


DroneCamp: Drone technology has been used by tech-savvy consumers and defense organisations for some years, but the benefits of this tech extends well beyond just these sectors. STEAM Skills developed through Drone coding and operation are Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Logical, Critical and Computational Thinking, Problem Solving

* These camps are available as  bespoke team-building ‘weekends away’ with a facilitator (on request)

Robotics Coding Camp: Lego Mindworks

Learners engage in a hands-on robotics building and coding programme that is engaging, fun and aimed to motivate interest in the curriculum.


Learners will access 12 comprehensive robotics exercises, and this will include the following:

Extensive introduction illustrated with graphics and animation

Detailed instruction for building robots using LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robots

Sequential programming/coding guide to code the robot builds

Each lesson is collaborative — 1 robot between 2 learners this ensures that learners also learn problem solving, critical thinking, team work, communication skills in a collaborative environment

Drones Coding Camp: Tello Drones

Drones are used to teach learners about coding using block style coding first and then move on to code using Python as the programming language. Learners learn how to operate and programme the drones used in this learning pathway. Exploration of STEAM is important and opens unexplored career opportunities. The programme teaches learners to build, code and fly the drones.


Learners engage in:

Advanced Drone Blocks video lessons

Drone Safety Lessons

Lessons in Drone Blocks

Lessons in Python