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Customised Learning Programmes

People solutions is a leading provider of training solutions based in South Africa, offering customised, world-class learning solutions. We strive to open doors to an exciting, new experience in human capacity development by offering innovative training interventions that are relevant, and meaningful training interventions.

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What is a learnership?

Learnerships are qualifications in various fields. Our learnerships start at NQF Level 1 up to NQF Level 5.

Learning candidates must meet specific requirements to enrol on a learnership. Learners will also be attached to an employer for the duration of the learnership.

learnerships on offer
NQF Level 1
  • Business Practice

NQF Level 2

  • Contact Centre Support 
  • New Venture Creation (SMME)

NQF Level 3

  • Contact Centre and BPO Support
  • Management
  • Business Administration Services 

NQF Level 4

  • Contact Centre Operations
  • Business Administration Services
  • New Venture Creation 
  • Project Management 
  • Generic Management 
  • Banking 

NQF Level 5

  • Generic Management 
  • Banking

Skills Programmes

What are skills programmes?

Skills programmes generally link to learnerships and have unit standards attached to define the credit value of the programme.

Core and elective unit standard content may be used to deliver short, credit-bearing learning interventions. These short interventions must comply with require compliances and criteria.

Fundamental unit standards do not form part of the skills programmes offering as standalones and may need to be integrated with cores and electives.

To find out more, read the Rules of Engagement but clicking the download button below.


Skills programmes are extracted and compiled from learning content available on a learnership.


Workshops a short learning programmes that do not have credits attached. However, workshops provide excellent grounding and learning for learners.

Our workshops content is customisable and focuses attention on building skills, knowledge, attitudes and values in the workplace.

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Brainfood Courses

Our Brainfood course catalogue is growing and provides short, impactful, microlearning for a self-directed learning audience.

Brainfood courses cover various topics and concepts ranging  from Work Readiness courses to Future Skills, and Functional Courses that aim to upskill, reskill and cross-skill  learners.

Read our Brainfood Blog to find out more.


With a curated collection of over 120 courses, our catalogue, The Knowledge Bank, we offer courses that we deliver using the following format:

  • Face-to-Face, Facilitator-Led Training
  • Virtual Facilitator-Led Training
  • Self-Directed elearning courses 

Our skilled Sales Team will help you to select a course, or selection of courses to upskill, reskill and cross-skill employees.

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