Instructor Led Training

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Our standard delivery is still Instructor-Led Training designed to suit the needs of an organisation. We host in-person or face-to-face training in a selected venue or at the client’s premises. Delivery is contextualised based on upfront consultation. We choose our expert facilitators precisely to fit an organisation’s culture.

More about Instuctor Led training

Instructor-led training (ILT) or Facilitator-led training (FLT)refers to any training activity that occurs in a training venue, an office, classroom or even around a conference table. The instructor or facilitator delivers learning materials to learners using lectures, discussion, presentations, demonstrations and other interactive learning and development methods.

We use ILT/FLT to deliver learning content that is new or complex for learners to navigate on their own.

Our facilitators enhance the learning process using various tools and techniques to engage learners in active and dynamic training experiences.

Facilitated learning uses the following methods and techniques:

Boardroom training


Instructor-led training or Facilitator-led training can be delivered in face-to-face delivery and also as a virtual facilitator-led delivery. Additionally, we can customise the delivery as a hybrid solution that may include face-to-face, virtual delivery and elearning programmes.

In-Person Training

In-person, facilitator-led training supports building solid bonds with learners, more extraordinary learning experiences, emotional support and accommodating various learning styles.

Virtual Training

Virtual instructor-led training allows learners to access learning programmes anywhere and anytime. It combines structure and freedom and depends on effective time management, increased collaboration and immediate feedback.

Hybrid Training

Hybrid training increases learner engagement because learners can access learning across various smart devices, increasing viability, flexibility, personalisation and customised delivery options.

Interactive Learning

Interactive learning enhances the learner experience by engaging in stimulating environments for learning. It also sharpens critical thinking and collaborative learning.

Relevant Learning

When learning is relevant, it influences learners to apply new skills, knowledge and attitudes to real life. In addition, relevant training interventions lead to high job satisfaction, commitment, and retention.

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