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People solutions is a leading provider of training solutions based in South Africa, offering customised, world-class learning solutions. We strive to open doors to an exciting, new experience in human capacity development by offering innovative training interventions that are relevant, and meaningful training interventions.

We strive to impart the importance and benefits of lifelong learning to learners and clients whilst ensuring return on investment for their companies and businesses.

“We believe that human capital drives business success. People have become the key competitive differentiator in today’s knowledge and skill-based economies.”

~Nita Goodall (People Solutions CEO)

Nita Goodall, CEO, People Solutions


Improve your results, retention and productivity with a better skilled team. Enrol for one of our workshops and reap the rewards. Find out more… click here: Workshops for ALL levels!


People Solutions is an accredited Private FET College, registered with Department of Higher Education and Training, Umalusi and Services SETA. We also enjoy partnerships with other quality Training Providers where we extend our product offering. Click here to view our certificate


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