11 October 2022

International Day of the Girl Child

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It takes no amount of imagination to realise the significance of International Day of Girls. As an international day, we must remember their everyday struggles but also the strength and possibility they harness.
2022 marks the 10th year of the International Day of the Girl. Over the last decade, global awareness concentrated on challenges that matter to girls. As a result, proactive attention came from governments, policymakers and the general public. As a result, we have seen more prospects for girls to have their voices heard globally.


However, investment in their rights is still inadequate, and girls face many trials in reaching their potential. Recently, the crises of Covid-19, climate change and humanitarian conflicts have gained more attention over the plight of millions of girls worldwide.

Overcoming Obstacles

They continue to face tremendous obstacles to their education, physical and psychological wellness, and the safety they need to live without violence. The pandemic worsened current problems among girls, and progress over the last ten years deteriorated. Yet, out of the hardship they face, girls remain inventive, productive, tenacious and flexible in facing all their challenges.

600 Million Young Girls

The world has 600 million young girls who prove that when given skills and prospects, they become changemakers who drive progress in their communities, building back stronger for all, including women, boys and men.

Time to Step Up

The time has come for a decade for all of us to step up. We must all stand accountable—with and for girls—and invest in a future that believes in their agency, leadership and remarkable potential. As a species, we must inspire organisations and support networks that empower girls and allow them to lead and reinforce what they do for the girl child.

Expand Opportunities

We must expand girls’ leadership, actions, and impact to inspire others. Let’s support the female influencers across all industries and support them to become change catalysts, role models and leaders of our world. We must continue raising awareness about and addressing factors that keep our girls back.

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