10 August 2022

Celebrating Women’s Day August 2022

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“Now, there was a time
When they used to say
That behind every great man
There had to be a great woman
But in these times of change

You know that it’s no longer true
So we’re comin’ out of the kitchen
Because there’s somethin’ we forgot to say to you, we say

Sisters are doin’ it for themselves
Standin’ on their own two feet
And ringin’ on their own bells, we say
Sisters are doin’ it for themselves”

The words of the song, Sisters are Doin’For Themselves, sparked a revival in different generations of women to regain their power and their voices.

A long-held belief that women were wives, mothers, and girlfriends has kept women in the background in subservient positions, ready to serve their husbands, partners, and male counterparts. It was always the expectation that women would take on nurturing roles and run a good household. However, that kind of thinking has changed and forced that philosophy of equality beautifully translated into the song by Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox.

The song is a challenge to all of me to respect and honour women. It speaks about women standing up for their rights, taking back their power and stepping into their natural role as leaders of our communities.

Women experience too much unfair treatment by men, and old rules and beliefs still define a woman’s value in the family, business, society and globally today. But that’s all changing, and it’s changing fast. Women have a deep sense of who they are; they are nurturers, leaders, and women approach life with pragmatism and caring that very few men can muster.

As we celebrate National Women’s Day 2022, as a country, we are still discussing, planning, and strategising how to stem the tide of Gender Based Violence (GBV). It’s time we stopped talking about it and did something about it. A Zulu saying goes: “Wathint’ abafazi, wathint’ imbokodo”, translated it says: “you strike a woman, you strike a rock”. This battle cry sounds out across our country and speaks of the courage and strength of women.

As a man writing this article, I know that women are the foundation of our society, and as men, we must do better. We need to change our behaviour. We need to nurture the women in our lives. We need to be there. Be present. Be strong. And we need to protect our women from men who do not get it! Without women in our lives, we are nothing! They are the soul of the nation, the soul of a home, the soul of a business, and we must celebrate them for who they are, what they achieve and how they love us with all our flaws.

We have strong women in People Solutions, and each woman brings a wealth of knowledge, strength and dignity that defines who we are as a company.

We celebrate the woman in People Solutions. These are strong women who always get things done no matter what the challenges are. You are all the foundation of our business and mean the world to all of us.

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