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Funding Opportunities

People Solutions assist clients by keeping abreast of all  funding opportunities for training interventions, and consult with them in the completion of all necessary documentation. Thereby offering a more personalized service that is regularly updated and relevant to your company.

Learnership Tax Incentives

SARS provide guidelines for the learnership tax incentives. Learnership agreements must be registered with the appropriate SETA and the employer must comply with various administrative and disclosure requirements before the tax deductions will be allowed.

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World-Class Experience. Local Expertise.

People Solutions is a visionary company for visionary employers. We know that great things come from small beginnings. We recognise individual potential and are dedicated to cultivating your company’s human capital.


Through consultations, People Solutions will develop packages that best suit your company’s specific needs – whether according to budget, number of employees or content. This allows People Solutions to provide tailormade programmes that ensure a reliable, life long partner for your company’s training and development needs.


With exposure to both local and international intellectual material, and no compromise on service or quality, we REALLY measure up when it comes to human capital growth.


Sow the Seed, See the Growth

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