The Knowledge Bank digital learning platform

The Knowledge Bank digital learning platform

People Solutions launches an innovation which addresses the remote-based needs of the learning and development industry during the current global pandemic.

As we approach day 50 of a nation-wide lockdown, many companies has accepted the realities of remote work, returning to work under strict health and safety guidelines and traversing the digital transformation that is upon us. The disruption of the lockdown has no doubt brought about change in our organisations, tested employees and leadership resilience, and highlighted the uncomfortable truth around crisis-readiness.

What have you learnt during this experience? Is your workforce equipped to adapt and thrive in potential similar scenarios of the future?

The People Solutions teams have been developing strategies to support business continuity for our clients during this period of lockdown and we are committed to ensuring economic recovery as a focus area for future learning interventions.

Accredited and Non-Accredited Course Updates:
We have engaged with the various SETA’s and Industry Bodies on interim and sustainable solutions to navigate challenges around accredited skills development programs and learnerships, with reference to remote assessments, external moderation, electronic signatures and submission of digital portfolios of evidence. Our teams and facilitators are exploring online and virtual training delivery options, including the use of platforms, mobile and remote access, on-demand and live connect sessions.

We have launched our digital learning platform The Knowledge Bank, which contains over 140 non-accredited skill sets that are data-lite and device friendly. We have custom-designed three pathways, geared towards Fundamental crisis management skills, critical business skills and recovery business skills to equip teams with the knowledge they need to thrive in times of change.

We are offering a 40% discount on these pathways to further support business recovery during the month of May for groups of 15 or more learners. The discount applies for payment within the month of May, but courses can be commenced at any time when operations resume. Your learners that have remote access can commence with their courses immediately should they wish to – as long as they have a smart device and access to the internet. We will be migrating several accredited offerings to a blended methodology over the course of the next 3 quarters.

More information on our Knowledge Bank courses can be found on our social media platforms and remember that we already have an AI-driven, microlearning platform at which we developed and launched last year. The financial literacy pathway will become increasingly relevant for all South Africans who face a potentially debt-burdened existence and equips the individual with critical knowledge to reduce probability to default, understand impact and implement responsible financial management practices.

People Solutions are currently implementing a comprehensive and Covid-19 specific Operational Health and Safety (OHS) plan. Our facilitators and operational managers are equipped and prepared to commence with training on-site at our premises under our new guidelines and at your sites under direction of your OHS plans. Please share your appointed OHS contact persons details with our operational team to ensure alignment and complete peace of mind.

Please reach out to a Training Solutions Specialist to discuss your current and future needs and to discuss your WSP via our website. A reminder that the deadline for submissions has been extended to 31st May 2020.

We appreciate your insight and feedback on what the future holds for your training budgets, L & D strategy and how we can assist you with an agile solution that provides innovative ways of sharing knowledge and skills development material in an engaging way.