People Solutions’ Response to Covid-19

People Solutions’ Response to Covid-19

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People Solutions have implemented a comprehensive Covid-19-specific Operational Health and Safety (OHS) plan.

We equip our facilitators and operational managers to deliver uninterrupted training safely and effectively.

We are doing this in two ways: in a traditional contact-based environment through our on-site venues – under new social distancing and sanitisation/precautionary guidelines, and at our client sites under the direction of their OHS plans.

We are also successfully delivering our programs remotely and digitally, using virtual classrooms, online tools, and various platforms and applications whilst ensuring alignment with the Sectoral Education Training Authorities compliance frameworks.

Notably, we commenced our digital transformation journey last year, which has allowed us to pivot our business in a seamless, agile and innovative way to meet the “next normal” of the future work world.

Please reach out to your Training Solutions Specialist or one of our management team members to discuss the digital, blended and traditional solution best suited to your current and future needs.