Navigating SETA External Moderation Virtually

Navigating SETA External Moderation Virtually

The winter solstice took place on 21st June and as we enter the second half of 2020, what could be described as a somewhat prodigious six-month period, our previously defined ideas of what ‘business as usual’ looked like have now been wiped from the board. As unsettling as this may be, it also presents opportunities for technological advancement and growth. As the country transitions out of lockdown and into the phased reopening stages of the economy, both individuals and organisations have been catapulted into the reality that we are already operating in the 4th Industrial Revolution or 4-IR World of Work.

Individuals have had to develop their technical and leadership skills amid an evolving crisis, find new or digital solutions to traditional problems and address the challenges faced by teams in finalsing qualification programs for learners currently enrolled in training interventions with the SETA’s across the nation. This posed compliance challenges when reframing traditional and in-person methods of assessing and moderating in a safe, verified and virtual environment.

People Solutions have been working closely with industry stakeholders to find innovative solutions to enhance traditional learning and development processes, particularly where formal (accredited) programs were a necessity for our clients to meet B-BBEE requirements.

Skills development and the allocation of training spend in alignment with scorecard commitment remains critical to South African business. Investment in employed and unemployed learnerships, along with accredited and unaccredited skills development and training contributes to corporate compliance, whilst increasing employability of our citizens and upskilling, reskilling and future skilling the workforce who need to provide ongoing service excellence to consumers in the journey to rebuild our economy.

We recently collaborated with the Services SETA in piloting the first Virtual External Moderation in support of social distancing guidelines and innovation. With learner competency being held to the highest standard, this solution was designed to exit learners from their training programs without further delays, ensuring completion of qualifications, according to schedule and in a SETA compliant process. Competency, compliance and communication were critical metrics to success.

The virtual external moderation solution consisted of a phased project management approach, where our operations and innovations teams worked closely with the verification teams at the SETA to ensure the following key areas were addressed via digital platforms and tools:

  • All necessary documentation to ensure adherence – provided via email
  • Verification of learner’s (POE) portfolios of evidence were shown via digital / electronic means via mobile messaging applications
  • The virtual moderation between the internal moderator and SETA verifier were conducted via live video conference calls

As a result of this collaboration, People Solutions successfully exited 129 competent learners across Gauteng, KZN and WC in just 6 days. Having executed a ground-breaking tactic to reframing “what’s possible” in the way we do things within the training industry, we can confirm that virtual business practices are no longer an imagined theory for the “the future” – we are implementing them right here, right now! Thanks to a quick thinking team and the willingness of the Services SETA to collaborate, we were able to explore the unknown.

People Solutions believes in #ImpactTraining and we are committed to finding new and innovative ways to share knowledge with all South Africans in a way that uplifts, informs, includes and develops. It is our duty to adapt to the rapidly changing work and training environment and we are excited about what the future holds.

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