Collaborate to Accumulate

Collaborate to Accumulate

People Solutions has developed an array of ways to improve the workforce’s skills and found partnerships are the way forward.

South Africa’s unemployment and skills crisis requires a collaborative and “exponential growth” strategy to change the future of our country and its people. People Solutions works closely with clients, the government and industry bodies to co-design solutions at an accelerated pace and it is determined to achieve the 2030 vision with maximum impact. Its “massive transformational purpose” is to take digital skills, future skills and access to learning to the last person in the last town in South Africa, Africa and beyond… It is already contributing to this dynamic and inclusive dream.

Innovation for the 4-IR workforce

A leading accredited training provider in South Africa, People Solutions embraced the journey toward digital transformation by establishing how 4-IR is influencing the workforce needs, and how jobs and individuals need to evolve to be “future-fit”. The company partnered with award-winning tech start-up Digemy and built a scalable, cost-effective solution in the form of an online learning platform. Their digital academy, called Futureskills.Africa, launched in October 2019.

The platform provides affordable microlearning for individuals who register and offers additional open or free courses to support “access for all”. Data-light and mobile-friendly, the platform was built using artificial intelligence and is algorithm-driven to ensure learning for mastery, not “passery”. One of the courses is on financial literacy, which provides an understanding of personal finance and contributes to a reduction in the probability of consumers to default, and prevents any subsequent consequences of debt, addiction, homelessness and suicide within our society. Courses on work readiness and agility skills for transitioning or re-entry into the workforce were released in mid- October 2019, with a focus on soft skills, reskilling and upskilling to remain relevant. The future skills pathway launched in November and was designed to meet the 2030 predictions of behaviours and skillsets as defined by the World Economic Forum. Phases 2 and 3 see the release of pathways in new venture creation, coding and ICT skills aligned with cyber risk, data analytics and introductions to technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, app and game design principles.

Creating change for Africa

Futureskills.Africa creates change in a continent that is in desperate need of accelerated skilling and digital literacy, bringing the scale needed to leave a significant legacy. When we learn, the process of understanding what we know and how often to repeat it is still very manual, taking time to perform a task that can be done by an intelligent system. By automating this process with an algorithm, the platform increases the knowledge of a learner while decreasing the time spent learning. Edtech forms part of the innovation team’s focus. Disruption of traditional training methods and a unique learner experience (LX) are enhanced by bespoke coding camps that include practical coding for the building and operation of robotics and drone devices. Educational devices that enhance learning in an immersive way are currently in the development stage. The confluence of tech and training resulted in the birth of the FutureSkills. Africa platform, which was the first of these projects to go live.

This platform is jointly owned and operated by People Solutions and technology partner, Digemy.