An innovative new online digital academy

An innovative new online digital academy

People Solutions, in partnership with Digemy, a top EdTech Start-up based in Cape Town, launched an innovative new online digital academy on 1st October 2019 called FutureSkills.Africa. The academy will be launched with their besmarta financial literacy series, a course series tailor made to empower the African consumer to make Smarta financial decisions by educating them on the fundamental principles needed to master their personal finances. The series has proven to increase the savings rate and also decrease the credit default rate of the consumer, tackling two of the most significant issues in the African financial market.

On the dawn of the 4th Industrial Revolution, education, training and skills development delivery methods are transforming. The classroom is no longer a place, but rather a space. As part of the People Solution’s “Massive Transformative Purpose” to take skills development to the last person, in the last town, in South Africa, Africa and beyond, we needed a solution that could provide the latest technology, at scale, making exponential impact. A solution backed by data and enhanced by machine learning. We decided to partner with an Edtech company to incorporate their award-winning learning platform within our Future Skills digital academy, and the platform ideation began.

Our Digital Academy addresses the identified Future Skills curriculum as set out by the World Economic Forum and Global Business Services Sector, and continuously measures the knowledge of the learner on key concepts to enable the translation of information into their long-term memory. The platform converts studying for “passery” to studying for mastery and ensures optimal retention of information and on the job application, increasing the knowledge of the learner while optimising and decreasing the time spent learning.

The platform launches with the Life-Long Learning and Financial Literacy pathways, which will focus on becoming money smart, budgeting, saving and using credit wisely. Thereafter, the demand-led pathways of Work Readiness Skills, Digital Literacy, Future Skills, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Functional Skills, BPO Specialist skills, Customer Service, Sales and Collections will follow.

Phase two will incorporate our ‘Agility Skills’ with a focus on soft skills, reskilling, future skilling and upskilling learners to be Future-Fit and remain relevant. This will be followed by deeper digital skills, with an introduction to AI, Blockchain, Data Analytics and various coding pathways, from development, analytics and cloud computing, to cybersecurity and risk.

The platform is accessible at any time, on any device, and is affordable to all. It creates a data-lite immersive environment that offers an interactive user experience linked to a gamified rewards and recognition dashboard. The bite-sized and knowledge focused learning approach allows knowledge retention to occur without massive impact on productivity or cognitive load.

Digital modules and courses are available as a once-off purchase fee at a fraction of the cost of classroom-based learning. People Solutions can also customise learning journeys according to specific needs.

For more information and to register your learners, employees and new recruits on our FutureSkills.Africa Digital courses, please contact us, and we will lead you into the future of learning.