About us

Every Successful Tree has Strong Roots

People Solutions established its roots in October 2004 and has since become a forefront learning solutions company in South Africa.


“We have a firm belief that human capital drives business success. People are key competitive differentiators in the current knowledge and skills-based economies. Therefore, it is our vision to become the preferred training provider in South Africa.”


By offering customized, world class training and development through innovative training interventions, which are both relevant and meaningful, People Solutions can open opportunities to exciting new experiences in human capacity and skill development. Ultimately, enabling and empowering employees to become a competitive differentiator for their company.

We believe that human capital drives business success and that people have become the key competitive differentiator in today’s knowledge and skill based economies

National Delivery Infrastructure

Our offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban provide us with a national footprint. It is from these hubs that we are able to deliver training to all areas in South Africa.

People Who Make the Difference

Nita Goodall, our CEO, has been involved in the Human Resource industry for many years and serves on a number of boards, either as independent director or non-executive director. With her knowledge, wisdom, experience and success, she adds pertinent value and strength to People Solutions’ training interventions.

Why Grow With Us?

Our core focus is to provide clients with value-added training solutions

We are experienced in both insourced and outsourced training provision

We are fully accredited with Services Seta and Umalusi

We are experts in contact centre subject matter

Our management team has extensive experience

Prior success with clients adds to our credibility

We possess a strong resource pool and intellectual property

We have access to additional expertise via international vendors

Our commitment to Black Empowerment, Women Empowerment and SMME development positions us favourably within the industry

We are accredited with Services SETA, Umalusi, Department of Higher Education & Training

Growing Above and Beyond

People Solutions aim to be on the cutting edge of training and skill development trends and this is evident in the international exposure and experience that the directors have garnered. They have travelled to India on an outward trade mission with TIKZN to Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi, to conduct research into the Contact Centre Industry, investigate recruitment techniques, training methodology, and local and international Contact Centres.


The directors returned to India to visit a company called Next, in Bangalore, in order to fully explore various training methodologies in the Contact Centre Industry.


In December 2006 the directors were proud to be a part of Team SA and exhibit in Birmingham at the Contact Centre Exhibition.


They were also invited to accompany South Africa’s deputy president on a DTI trip to the UK In December 2006, as well as an outward mission to the US with the Minister of Trade and Industry.

Hothouse for Growth

People Solutions have won the following industry awards:

CEO Award 2009

Top 20 South African Small Business Award 2017

Award winning trainers:

Trainer of the Year KZN 2008

Runner up to the National Trainer of the Year 2008

Trainer of the Year Eastern Cape 2008

Trainer of the Year Gauteng 2008

Creme of the Crop

People Solutions is a fully accredited provider for a number of qualification and skills programmes.


Services SETA

People Solutions has excellent systems and processes integrated into their service delivery and have become a fully accredited provider. To achieve this, a provider needs to undergo multiple external moderations by the SETA without remediation. Once a service provider has achieved full accreditation, the provider can issue certificates with SETA approval without external moderation; moderation is conducted biannually on the service provider. Our excellence in delivery, coupled with our streamlined systems has ensured that we receive full accreditation.



Umalusi is the General and Further Education and Training Quality Assurance (GENFETQA) Council established in terms of the General and Further Education and Training Quality Assurance Act, 2001 (Act No. 58 of 2001) as a band Education and Training Quality Assurance (ETQA) body responsible for quality assurance in the FET band of the NQF.

Its functions include:

Accreditation of private providers of education;

Monitoring the suitability and adequacy of standards and qualifications;

Ensuring that providers adopt quality management systems for learner achievement;

Ensuring the quality of learner assessment at exit points;

Issuing certificates of learner achievement; and

Promoting quality improvement among providers.

Department of Higher Education & Training

Below is a list of our accreditation certificates. Please click to download them.





People Solutions is committed to furthering and developing Black Economic Empowerment. This includes complying with the Black Empowerment Legislation, identifying and appointing B-BBEE compliant suppliers, engaging in projects to transfer skills to previously disadvantaged individuals and partnering with emerging black providers.


Presently we are a Level Three Contributor. Download our B-BBEE certificate here

Our Evergreen Promise

Our value proposition is to:

Offer a diverse range of learning solutions aimed at optimising business performance, by the improvement of companies and human capital

Truly empower a workforce through specific and relevant staff training that focuses on company needs and skills development

Provide world class learning solutions and interventions that add value of our clients organisations

Offer our clients the ability to see return on investment through training and development of their human resources

Constantly improve the quality of our learning solutions and processes through continuous development and evolution

Implementation of best practices‚ methodologies and philosophies

Keep ahead of current trends in business and training specifically

Be innovative in the tailored development of learning solutions which are a result of client needs analysis, skills gap analysis assessments; and understanding the strategic objectives of the client

Continuously improve the learning processes and the techniques for delivery

Partner with our clients to deliver training solutions that are specifically targeted to cater for the clients needs

Ensure that our key focus always fosters sustainable client relationships which are built on trust, value and transparency

Plant Now, Harvest Later

To ensure optimal learning, our learning and development philosophy includes the following factors:

A positive learning environment. We learn best in a positive, physical, emotional and social environment. One that is both relaxed and stimulating.

Total learning involvement. People learn best when they are wholly and actively involved and take full responsibility for their own learning.

Collaboration among learners. People generally learn best in an environment where there is social participation.

Variety that appeals to all learning styles. People learn best when they have a rich variety of learning options that allows them to use all their senses and exercise their preferred learning style.

Contextual learning. People learn best in context.

Growth Spurt Principles

The principles we use in order to accelerate learning are the following:

The learning process involves whole brain and body learning, it is not effective if only head learning takes place. A human being uses the whole body and brain with all its emotions, senses and receptors to learn.

All good learning has a core social base. We learn more from interacting with our peers than we do by any other means. Learning is not a matter of absorbing individual concepts at a time in a linear fashion, our complex brains are designed to absorb a variety of information, sensations and experiences at the same time.

Active learning is pivotal to human learning, this involves learners doing the actual work and receiving formative feedback to aid their development. Adult learners perform best when they learn in context. Learning which is carried out in isolation cannot produce long lasting results.

Positive emotional states greatly improve the learning process. Feelings determine both the quality and the quantity of the learning process.

Sow the Seed, See the Growth

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