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pecan nut v2Today's organisations want to maximise investment in human capital and look to the experts, such as us, to assist in achieving this. People Solutions offer a wide range of corporate learning solutions across various industry sectors and job functions.

Our corporate learning programmes are interactive and enable learners to take part in the learning experience. Role playing, activities, games and group activities are utilised to create this environment. People Solutions training methodology is based on experiential learning and compels the learners to make changes that enable them to develop and grow faster.

Our content is updated regularly and aligned to unit standards relevant to generic qualifications. Our aim is to keep the content, fresh, and up to date and aligned to best practice.


oyster v2Our role is to assist clients in the implementation of their business strategy and objectives by developing their employees to their full potential. Through an understanding of our client's business objectives, we can anticipate current and future skills needed within the organisation, and tailor development solutions specific to that company's requirements.
We capacitate organisations' people to move forward, now and into the future, with the organisation.

All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of yesterday

From The Ground Up

People Solutions strive to offer a diverse range of innovative learning solutions aimed at optimising business performance. Our tailored learning solutions are designed and developed based on the following delivery model:


Client Research
Gain an understanding of the industry and your business, the strategy and outcomes needed to be achieved.
Set Objectives & Measurement
Develop a solution in line with client specific requirements; an implementation plan detailing the process in terms of learning, site visits, assessments, feedback and coaching; and a customised ROI strategy to address the outcomes set out.
Customised Training Material
The majority of learning programmes are aligned to unit standards. Therefore learners can be assessed, and receive a certificate of competence and the relevant credits.

In addition, People Solutions gatherscompany specific, role specific and outcome specific information in order to contextualise the delivery of the training.
Delivery of Training
Customised training to suit your organisation - a blend of classroom, e-learning, simulation and or coaching.

The delivery is contextualised based on the upfront consultation. Our expert facilitators are chosen specifically to fit the culture of your organisation.
Post Assessment & Feedback
Our accredited assessors go on site and conduct various assessments in order for the learners to be deemed competent. Feedback is given throughout the process.
Facilitators spend time coaching learners in order for the new skills taught to be utilsed and mastered in the work place.


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People Solutions is an accredited Private FET College, registered with Department of Higher Education and Training, Umalusi and Services SETA. We also enjoy partnership with other quality Training Providers where we extend our product offering.
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